Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Angela & Roi

A while ago Kizzy of the blog The Dainty Dolls House did a post on bags that are sold to donate money to different causes. As I thought this was a really good idea, I decided to help spread the word, and do a post on this too! The bags are made by Angela & Roi, out of vegan leather and durable fabric, in a vintage-looking design with a modern twist. When you buy one of their bags, five USD are donated to a certain disease charity, depending on what color the bag has. A lot of the time, when things are sold to collect money for a good cause, you end up buying something ugly, that you will probably never use. When I noticed these bags though, I was happy to see that they actually look great! So if you choose to donate money by getting one of them, you will actually end up doing something for both the world and your own bag-closet! Haha!

Here are my favorites in the different colors, and a description of the the different diseases that go together with that certain color:


Classic Red Cross-Body - 93 USD.

Mini Wine Cross-Body - 79 USD.

Pink - Breast Cancer

Sunday Brink-Pink Tote - 142 USD.

Mini Pink Cross-Body - 79 USD.

Purple - Alzheimer's Disease

Square Plum Vegan Tote - 148 USD.

Orange - Kidney Disease

Ostrich Oversized Orange Tote - 115 USD.

Yellow - Child Cancer

Sunday Caramel Tote - 142 USD.

Green - Anxiety/Depression

Classic Green Cross-Body - 93 USD.

Palette Green Cross-Body - 65 USD.

Blue - Colon Cancer

Sunday Brandeis-Blue Tote - 142 USD.

Mini Navy Cross-Body - 79 USD.

Gray - Diabetes

Square Grey Tote - 148 USD.

White - Lung Cancer

Mini White Cross-Body - 79 USD.

Black - Melanoma

Sunday Black Tote - 142 USD.

Mini Black Cross-Body - 79 USD.

Brown - Cancer

Classic Brown Cross-Body - 93 USD.

There are of course more alternatives on Angela & Roi's website, so please check it out and help to cure some diseases - while at the same time getting yourself a nice bag!


  1. Wonderful post!! I really enjoyed these bags and it's such a great way to help certain causes, because they speak for themselves really. Am glad you enjoyed them too :)) Have a gorgeous day doll <3 <3

    p.s. thanks for mentioning me ;)

  2. Somehow I missed Kizzy's post so I thank you for introducing me to this great cause. I am a cancer survivor and this would be a wonderful way for me to help fight this disease. We're gonna give it the boot! Xo

    1. Congratulations for beating the cancer-monster! Well done! It's always so nice to hear about the survivors. Lots of love to you honey! :) xox

  3. Wow! these bags are amazing. I want one :-)

    1. I really like them too! They fit both "normal" people, and vintage freaks like me! ;) xox


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