Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I DON'T Want Right Now

As I've said before, it's a bit frightening to see what horrible creations some of the big designers can come up with sometimes. But as taste differs, I'm sure someone will like them... or not... Here comes a few of the things I really didn't like from the Resort 2014 collections though!


Gold lamé can be nice, but not in a whole pantsuit. Too much...

Anne Valérie

Hello 80s tracksuit that has been washed too many times!

Cédric Charlier


Christian Dior

I used to love Dior. Their clothes were so elegant and stylish once upon a time. This though, is not stylish!

Christian Dior

And neither is this...

Costume National

Usually women want clothes that make their legs look long. Hm...


Most women also want clothes that flatters their bodies. The only way this outfit would look good was on a pregnant lady.

Gabriele Colangelo

This is a great camouflage if you want to go out in the forest and hide i white moss! For some reason...


The weirdest thing in this picture is the fact that the model looks like a colorful zombie.


Again, too much of the same sleazy fabric.


  1. Hahaha...these are hysterical. If the first one had been more fitted and shaped to her body, I would have loved it.The second is horrendous, like everything that was bad about the 80's, haha. And the one after is scary, she looks like a human fly, haha! Poor girl having to get put into this. All of them really, I hope they were paid well, not sure if they want to put these images in their model books, hahaha! These are definitely things I do not want either. Have a great day doll <3 xxx

  2. Some of these are terrible, even the models themselves have to realise just how bad they are haha, these are awful!


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