Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What I DON'T Want Right Now

As promised in my last post, here comes the second part of the horrible stuff I found while going through the Resort 2014 collections. For the first part, look here!

House of Holland

Notice the scared expression on the model's face...


Not sure what to say about this one. Guess it simply made me speechless.

J. Mendel

Could have ended up well, but for some reason it just looks cheap and trashy.

J.W. Anderson

And this is what happens when you're not prepared for zombie attacks on your way to work. Always be prepared! Next time they might be coming for you...


If you want to accentuate your boobs, this is a good example of how you shouldn't do it!




Nope again...

Ter et Bantine

I've said it before, and I say it again - women do not want their legs to look short!!!


  1. I don't get how these people can release these in their collection when it's obvious the ladies modelling them aren't even keen, I can't see the appeal to some of these at all!

  2. Ok, the first one, I would have taken the top & paired it with a lovely full skirt, but together is just a no no!! The second is just a no no indeed, too much going on, kind of makes me think of tennis or some video game. The third one could have been nice if there had been something more underneath to make it a bit more demure and mysterious, but it just looks like she got attacked by moths. The fourth one looks like she went to shred something in a shredder & her outfit got caught in it instead or maybe she hated it and put it in there on purpose, haha. The rest are definite no no's!! The brown thing looks like plastic poo, hahaha! And the Kenzo outfit above it looks like something people try to make children wear & it looks cute, so they decided to make a adult version of it, but it didn't quite go down well & she is trying to close her eyes & forget this horrible nightmare, haha! And the last one, well...I'll just leave that with a firm NO!! Haha!! Have a great day darling girl xx


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