Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Fabulous Dresses From The Past

Christmas and New Years is over. So let's stress down a bit by looking at some amazing dresses from the years that have passed!

Black, sparkling evening dress with matching cape by Chanel, ca 1930.

Evening dress worn by Queen Soraya of Iran, by Emilio Schuberth, 1953.

Sequined evening dress by Lanvin, ca 1925.

Green evening ensemble with fur trimmed cape and ostrich feather fan, ca 1929.

The ultimate glam evening dress! 1936.

Costume designed by Edith Head for Ginger Rogers in Lady In The Dark, 1944. One of the most expensive costumes ever made! I want this one for a burlesque act...or just an evening at home...

"Petal" by Charles James, 1951.

Evening dress, 1890's.

Evening dress, ca 1908. In love with this one...

Tea gown by Worth, 1895. See ladies - THIS is the only acceptable piece of clothing for the drinking of tea!


  1. I would love the green ensemble and the one made for Ginger Rodgers, so glam!! Stunning pieces. I hope you have a gorgeous day doll xxx


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