Monday, January 13, 2014

Stage Fright

My best friend - and landlady - Fanny started a project she calls Stage Fright a few months ago. As she loves the sparkling world of burlesque, but actually have stage fright, she decided to put part of herself on stage by sewing costumes for other burlesque dancers instead. And so her project began... Fanny has a degree in Fashion Design and is very talented at coming up with ideas for incredible costumes! As we both know many burlesque dancers, she quickly got a full sewing-schedule, as many of them wanted costumes created by her. These last few months the apartment has looked like burlesque heaven, with sequins, pearls and feathers flying around everywhere! Here are some of her amazing creations, designed, sewn, and meticulously decorated - often by hand - by herself...

Photo: John-Paul Bichard

The Circus Dress for Fräulein Frauke.

Photo: Darklark

Black dress for Elegy Ellem's Bat Night act.

Part of a costume in progress for Contessa Blackbird.

30s inspired New Years Eve dress for Elegy Ellem.

New Years Eve dress for Fräulein Frauke.

Detail of the dress above.

Belly dancing outfit for Yvette Les Fesses.

Harley Quinn dress for Elegy Ellem.

Carmen Miranda hat, modelled by gorgeous Fanny herself!

Hat for me!!! I didn't even ask for this, she just made it anyway!

As you can see, Fanny makes creations that doesn't have to be used on stage too. If you feel like you need a costume, fancy dress, or maybe a hat, you can always contact Fanny on her Facebook page Stage Fright here! 


  1. Awesome! I need to contact her and hopefully she can make me something :D

  2. Wow, these are amazing!! She does a fantastic job, I love all of these pictures, the item she made for you is stunning too :)) What a gorgeous talent!! Have a marvellous week my darling girl Xxx

  3. Great dresses||
    How I love this work!!
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