Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Shoot With Cato Lein

The ones of you who follow me on Facebook, might already have seen the photos from my first shoot with photographer Cato Lein - at least the Facebook-proof ones. Haha! That time he shot me and the lovely Midnight Maitresse together. But for my second encounter with Mr Lein, he came to my place to shoot me alone. As I always style myself for shoots, and use my own clothes and accessories, having the photographer come to where I actually live is really nice, since I have all my stuff just a few steps away, and we can just pick and choose whatever we like to use as ideas pop up in our heads.

Cato is a great photographer, and one thing I like about shooting with him is that he sees little interesting details here and there - like the bend of the legs, a foot, or a particular part of mt outfit - and then he he takes a picture of just that part, which usually turns into really cool photos. He also like to have a lot of moment in his photos. No static posing. So here is the result from my latest shoot with him!

All photos by Cato Lein.


  1. These are stunning doll, adore them. I think he did a fantastic job, you look wonderful with your hair down *wink* Super the 3rd one :)) Have a gorgeous day <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fascinating photographs, they seem to belong to another time...I really like them. I think the final one is my favourite.

    1. Thank you honey! As I love vintage and older times, I was happy to see how the photos turned out. Glad I've come so far with my modelling that the really good photographers want to shoot me. I guess I must be doing SOMETHING right in front of the camera! Haha! ;) xox


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