Monday, February 03, 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014 Couture

Even though the weather here in Sweden has been really grey, cold and snowy the last weeks, we are headed towards spring! So let's take a look at Uyana Sergeenko's couture line for spring 2014! There are so many goodies here! Which are your favorites?

To see the whole collection go to!


  1. I really like her clothes. Previous collections maybe more then this. I miss Russian touch in thus collection. But that long black dress is amazing.

    1. I also miss that Russian feeling she put in her earlier collections. But I still wouldn't mind owning any of the outfits in this post though... ;) xox

  2. I'll take them all of course!! She really makes magical things....every piece I just want to wear every day!! Amazing collection :)))) Happy Monday doll xx

  3. All them dresses!! :D


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