Monday, February 24, 2014

Two More Christmas Presents

I know I'm really bad at doing outfit posts. But here comes one, showing off two more things I got for Christmas  - a skirt suit, and a pair of shoes!

The New Look-inspired skirt suit is vintage, from the late 40s, in a black and brown fabric woven i tiny stripes. It has a bit of a sheen to it which made it look a bit stained in the photos - which it's not in reality. The jacket has a fitted bodice with a peplum, and brown velvet cuffs and neckline. There is a label inside that shows it was made by Jonathan Logan - a brand which, by 1966, was one of the biggest ready-to-wear companies in the USA. It was bought from DearGolden on Etsy.

And here are the shoes! Unfortunately, my old, black and very comfortable - but still good looking - favorite shoes died in November last year, when I was in Rome performing. That was a sad day... But I knew the time would come for us to part sooner or later. They had faithfully been walked and danced around in for many years... And then I found these perfect replacements, which I was happy to find under the Christmas tree! They are from ModCloth, and the brand is Chelsea Crew. I love a T-strap on shoes, that make them sit tight to my slender feet. Let's hope they will be with me for many years to come!

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  1. You look marvellous doll, love this outfit and the colour is so pretty, I like the way it catches the light!! And the shoes are darling...I hope you have a wonderful week ahead doll <3 xx


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