Monday, November 03, 2014

Sven Boqvist - Paris & Cote d'Azur 1957

About a year ago I did a blog post called The Penn Pals (you can read it here). This is a project by photographer and Photoshop wizard Pelle Piano, in which he created a fake book based on newly found photographs taken by the fake photographer Sven Boqvist in 1955. Several made up persons were featured in the book, and I got the pleasure of posing as the imaginary ballerina Tatiana Baronova - sister of Irina Baronova, who actually was a real ballerina back in the day.

Now Mr Piano has created a new book - Paris & Cote d´Azur - with more of Sven Boqvist´s photos. This time the story takes place at the Cannes Film Festival that took place in 1957. Here Sven meets both old and new friends who end up in front of his camera - one of them being Tatiana, who he's a bit infatuated by... This meant I got to portray this fictional ballerina again. The shoot took place in Pelle Piano's studio, against a blue screen. Before this Pelle had been to France and photographed the backgrounds he then inserted me in. And here is the result!

The Wall Dance.

At Versailles.

Sven and Tatiana at a museum.

Weird to see my back without a tattoo...

While in Paris Tatiana was also painted by a famous artist, as you can see in the pic above. For more info about The Penn Pals, and this new project Paris & Cote d´Azure, please go here!

Photo: Pelle Piano

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  1. PERFECTION!!!!! Love these soooo much, you look stunning, he did a fantastic job...both of you did!! Amazing <3333


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