Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Outfit Post

I love seeing what other people wear on their blogs, but I'm really bad at doing outfit posts myself. Sorry... But here is one! I rarely wear pants, but with the cold season now starting to get a grip on us, I thought I needed some pants!

I found the perfect pair made by Swedish retro designer Emmy. They're called The 40s Work Pants and are made of black bengaline. They're really comfortable with a high waist, flared legs, and has pleats in the front.

The top is vintage 40s, and that one I found at the latest Bureskloppis (Burlesque Flea Market). I've been looking for one of these small knitted 40s tops for a long time, but they're always too big for me. So I was really glad when I found this one! It's brown, with icy blue snow flakes. As you can see it also makes it look like I have boobs. Yay! Haha! Sometimes I'm a bit worried when it comes to putting black and brown pieces together. But I think this works quite well.


  1. You look stunning doll, love those pants, if I must wear pants, I like ones like this as they give my legs room to move, fit you very well too :))) Xxxx

  2. I only started to wear pants last year after being persuaded to buy some by my friends. They took some getting used to but now I quite like wearing them. I like yours - they are so modest in style


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