Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to Kellerman's

Yet another day was spent at Kellerman Vintage yesterday. I helped the lovely Mrs Fanny Kellerman sew in the shop's own tags in the clothes, while listening to Queen. This shop hasn't existed for more than a little bit over a year, but I still think it should have gotten more recognition than it has. Yes, I know Fanny is my friend, and of course I want things to go well for her. But the fact is I loved this shop even before I met Fanny. She has some really good stuff in there, and if you don't find anything fitting on the clothing racks, there are always the accessories! Shoes, bags, belts, hats, gloves, jewelry - and lots of it too! It's very difficult (at least for me) to not spend any money every time I visit. I especially love the hats made by Magdalena Kellerman.

Small hat by Margareta Kellerman

Hat/fascinator by Margareta Kellerman

Shiny accessories

More hats and bags

70s dress in a lovely, flowing fabric

Fanny also sews 50s style dresses out of old fabrics. Usually vintage 50s dresses can have very tiny waists. For those who doesn't want to wear a corset underneath to be able to get into one of those dresses but still want to wear one, I highly recommend Fanny's own creations - they have been sewn after a modern pattern that fits the woman of today, without waist cinchers!

Here's a picture of one of her dresses - not such a good photo I know, but anyway. They're all made in different fabrics and sizes, so for the most part you will be the only one walking around in a certain dress if you buy one!

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