Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things I DON'T want right now

As an apposite to my "Things I want right now" posts, I will sometimes do a "Things I DON'T want right now" post. Fashion creators make wonderful things people all over the world crave. But let's face it - sometimes a model comes strutting down the runway and what she's wearing makes your eyes widen and your inner voice say: "What the f**k is she wearing?!". It has happened to me a few times, and here I will share with you some of those "what the f**k" moments.

Burberry Prorsum
Ok. The jacket isn't too horrible. It could probably look good if paired with something else than THOSE pants. Together though, they make you look like a lawn starting to dry up for lack of rain. The fit of the pants is also what i call "horrible", and the only people who can get away with having the bottom of the legs go over the shoes like that are ice skaters!

Ann Demeulemeester
No. I am NOT bigfoot...

...Or bigfoot's wife! And what's up with that bow in her hair? Mimi Mouse forgot to shave her legs?...

Isn't that skirt what bee farmers usually wear over their faces when they collect honey? A laquered helmet with cute little ears might be something to write down on the upcoming list to Santa though?...Just kidding!

Betsey Johnson
I'm sorry Betsey, but it doesn't work...At all...

Leather pants can look great! But this is just...well...very unflattering...

Comme des garcons
"When I woke up this morning and couldn't decide what to wear, this just happened"...Hm. Maybe I could wear this if I decide to go to a Halloween party dressed as a schizo?...

What bothers me here is the fabric the skirt has been made of. Maybe the light just makes it look worse than it is in this picture, but snakeskin printed on such a plastic looking fabric just look cheap and tacky!

No comment...

Issey Miyake
I loved the origami theme of this collection. But this outfit does NOT look good. I mean - look at the boobs! Cleavage is nice, but that's when you can see the UPPER part of the breasts, not the bottom. It just looks like a wardrobe malfunction.


  1. "Together though, they make you look like a lawn starting to dry up for lack of rain." Haha, nearly lost my cornflakes, LOL!!


  2. Always glad to be able to amuse!...But that's actually what that ensemble looks like - dry grass. Poor model who had to show it... ;)

  3. I absolutely love this post! I have a lot of What the f... moments when looking at pics from fashion shows, or find myself thinking "How on Earth is that suppost to translate into a high street trend?"

  4. The funny thing about this is that all these pictures have been taken from the designers READY TO WEAR collections. If it was haute couture it wouldn't really matter if it was wearable or not - more like creating clothes like art. But this is actually meant to be ready to wear. Hm...


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