Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stockholm Vintage Fair

Last weekend Stockholm Vintage Fair took place for the eighth time. As usual there were lots of people walking around between sellers from many different vintage shops, looking for treasures.

Amongst the shops represented, Kellerman Vintage and Fjaerilen were, of course, my favorites. Fanny's sister Agnes helped selling stuff for Kelleman Vintage. Here she is looking very cute in a dress made by Fanny.

I bought a hat from her, made by Magdalena Kellerman. It has dark pink flowers, a black fluffy feather, and the taxidermied hed of a mink on it.

At another shop I found a lovely green vintage 50s hat, and a scarf that matched it perfectly! The hat slopes down over the back of the head, and has two hat brooches attacked to it. The color looks a bit strange in the pictures. But in reality the satin back part of the hat is a lovely forest green.


  1. The dress looks very cute :).
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    I will follow your blog, would you consider following mine ?


  2. Just found your blog, and I like it! So, yes, I'll follow you too :)

  3. Love the green hat it just needs a gin and tonic to go with it:)

  4. I like the green hat best! It's gorgeous.

  5. I agree, a gin and tonic would be the perfect accessory for the hat...Or maybe a glass of absinthe... :)


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