Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yesterday's school outfit

As I told you a week ago, I've just begun taking a course in PR. We have class every monday, and this is what I wore to school yesterday.

I have been looking for a green sweater, so I was glad when I found this one from Brooklyn Industries. The skirt I got after spending a night at Mr and Mrs Kellerman's place. First I got to sleep in silk pajamas, the next morning I got my juice served in a champagne glass, and then Fanny gives me this skirt she doesn't want anymore. I think I should sleep over at their place more often...

Love my new shoes from Miss L Fire! Yesterday was the first day I wore them, and they didn't make my feet hurt at all! I like shoes that don't need to be broken in!

Earrings from Aldo. This picture doesn't make them justice though. In reality they are the color of green peacock feathers, which is portrayed underneath faceted glass cupolas.

Matching bat ring and bracelet! Ring from Lotta Djoussou. Bracelet from Alkemie.

After class. I met up with my sister, and we had a few drinks at Hotell Malmen.

That margarita was really good! Had a few of those in NY, so I decided to continue the margarita drinking here in Stockholm too, to help cure my NYC-abstinense...


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