Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Full moon

Finally the moon is a perfect round again! As I told you in my last full moon post I dream extremely real dreams the nights around the full moon, and this morning I had to sort out last night's dream again, to make it clear to myself whether it actually was just a dream, or something I had experienced in real life...

Photo from "Full Moon Jacket"

But since the moon is capable of effecting the ebb and tide, and our human bodies contains lots of water, I don't know why we shouldn't feel the effect of this shining globe too, just like the great oceans...

Today's full moon music comes from "Lamb". The song is called "Gabriel":


  1. Love this song even though I've never heard it before until now. It's crazy what the full moon does with your dreams, maybe it does the same for all of us yet we don't realise it.

  2. SV: ja visst var den korsetten en dröm.. tänk den med en svarta tajt pennkjol eller en sto fluffig en. o´hhh. den hittad ejag på etsy.com

    en fråga.. du ser inte svensk ut.. e du hel svensk?


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