Monday, February 13, 2012

Paulina Otylie Surys

One day the lovely Timbarika Von Doll, who writes the blog "The Dainty Doll's House", twittered about a photographer named Paulina Otylie Surys. I clicked on the link posted in the tweet, and was immediately struck by the dark beauty of the photos a saw!

Paulina Otylie Surys was born in Poland 1979, but now works in London, UK. She is a fine arts and fashion photographer who mostly uses vintage cameras in her work. Her analog pictures are hand painted using a mixture of toners, chemicals, inks, and dry dyes. Her photos are usually described as outerworldly, and have a strong relationship with classic photography and painting.

Here follows a series of photos named "Peccavi":

Wish she would shoot me too...


  1. Me too, she could shoot me anytime!! Am happy you enjoyed them too :)) I want to hang these in my bathroom, they are just exquisite and I adore them!! I wouldn't mind having the costumes as well ; ) xo

  2. Wow, these photos are amazing, this chick is such a dominatrix haha!

  3. Im with you Isis.. It feelt a littlebit like peeping into a haunted house...


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