Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stockholm Fashion Week - The Maria Montazami Collection

Last Thursday I went to the second Stockholm Fashion Week event I had been invited to - an evening to showcase Maria Montazami's collection of bags and jewelry!

The event took place in a luxurious suite at Hotel Stureplan in the center of Stockholm. There were big beautiful chandeliers in every room, all decorated with tassels - something Maria is very fond of!

Sparkling close up!

There were tassels everywhere! Even around the soap container in the bathroom!

Another thing Mrs Montazami is very fond of is Swedish Cheez Doodles, which don't exist in LA where she lives now. So except for an abundance of tassels, the whole bathtub had been filled with bags of these yellow Doodles.

I worked at an event for Maria's collection a few weeks ago, so some of you have seen these bags before on my blog. But for the ones of you who hasn't, voilà! My favorite is the black velvet clutch in the front!

More bags!

And yet more bags - together with Maria's book!

I wore a plum colored dress from "Bettie Page Clothing", and shoes from "Miss L Fire". The boring part about going to events when it's -10 C (14 F) and lots of snow outside is that you can't wear pretty pumps. They would just get ruined, and you'd end up with freeze damages on your toes. But these boots work well with a dress!

There were macarons to eat, and wine, and bubbles to drink!

In the open fireplace I found a heart made of burning candles!

Of course the lovely, and extremely lovable Maria Montazami was there herself, spending almost two whole hours getting photographed, until her eyesight started to go bad because of all the camera flashes, as she said. She's a very tall woman...

I also met the gorgeous Peter Englund from the drag show "Diamond Dogs". He's a very tall woman...Check out the spiky ring on his left hand!!! If I had put on a blond wig and stood between Peter and Maria, I'd probably have looked like their little child...The reason my face looks a bit flushed in this picture is because I had been crawling around in a huge bed just before this photo was taken. This is the truth...

Simon Leisjö and Patrik Bergfeldt

Even though I was a guest at the event I had promised Patrik Bergfeldt from "Communicate PR" - who was in charge of the event, and whom I have worked with earlier - that I would help him if he needed me. So he put me in the position of goodie bag transmitter! The goodie bags were the heaviest ones I have ever put my hands on, and they were placed on a kingsize bed. To reach them all I literary had to crawl around in that bed, dragging those heavy bags around. This type of exercise equals a red face!

Here is the goodie bag bed before...

...And after!

Two more pictures of Maria Montazami! In the bottom one she's holding my favorite bag from her collection. This shows you the size of it. Small enough to look good as an evening bag, but still big enough to fit all the necessities! I'm seriously thinking of getting one of these. The prices are really good too!

Lars Wallin

I talked a little bit with the renowned Swedish designer Lars Wallin too. He makes dresses to die for, and he whispered something about an upcoming jewelry collection. Romantic silver pieces...Stay tuned for more info in a few months...

All in all I had a fabulous evening, with lots of bubbly, interesting people, a lovely scene for the event, and new acquaintances!


  1. Seems like such an awesome time, it's great to hear you enjoyed yourself, cool photos too. I love the dress you're wearing too, classy!

  2. You look so elegant and look at all those goody bags and macaroons, looks like a great event! thank you for your comment on my blog :)

  3. e det du som är väldigt kort eller maria som e väldigt lång ha ha ha..gud va fin du var den kvällen. den färgen på klänningen passar dig kanon


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