Wednesday, February 15, 2012

50s Home Making

In a place called "Borås" here in Sweden lives a man named Henrik. He has an amazing apartment! After spending a lot of time searching through antique fairs, retro stores, and such, he has decorated his whole apartment the way they did it in the 50s! I just had to show this to the world - or at least the ones who read this blog - so here it comes!


Living room





Cool! N'est pas?! If you're not satisfied with these pictures, and want to see more of Henrik's apartment you can find more photos on "StyleRoom", and read his blog (in Swedish) here! Plus points if you can find the cats hidden in some of the pictures above!


  1. I just love those pink flamingoes, I want some on my shower curtain :)) His place is beautiful!! xox

  2. I love these photos so much, I would adore to live in this place just for a while, that poster for the Creature From the Deep is class!

  3. Hiya doll, just seen your comment..thank you :) Yes, it's a bed header ;) Well, it can be used as a screen too, will use it for that when I have enough money to buy a vintage bed head that I'd like! I know the Vantage ;) Great style!! xx

  4. OOh! The pink and light blue flour containers on the kitchen wall! My Granma has the blue ones on her wall! Love them! And I love the apartment! If you ever get a chance to borrow it for a 50's photoshoot, do so! Wow.

  5. I need me a flamingo shower curtain immediately.

    Love his place, love his cats. :D

  6. ohhhhhhhhh så snyggt hem.. ohhhh så vill jag ha det.. såg att den ena tapetsen han hade har faktiskt jag....

  7. wow these pictures are neat, I love the living room!!

  8. Har du läst Femtiotalsjakten?

    Också en blogg om en lägenhet som möbleras i 50-talsstil och en hel del annat.

  9. You have awesome pics Love it.


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