Thursday, February 23, 2012

Funny Vintage Photos

It's not that often you see vintage photos - especially really old ones - that have been taken just for the sake of humor. I found some on the "Daily Dawdle" though, and here they come!

My favorite is probably the soldier with the black kitten on his helmet. For some reason I really like the child with a cigaret, sitting beside that hen too. It's just disturbing how comfortable that little child seems to be with the cigaret...And then there's the last pin up picture of course. Sexy panties...


  1. Some of these are just bizarre!! I think I like the guy in the diving suit with his lady best. X

  2. Fina bilder!
    Min favorit är nog damerna på på bilden med båtmontaget. :)

  3. Some of these are just really funny haha, the guy with the antlers looks identical to this person that used to go to my school which is weird!

  4. Some of these are quite creepy... It makes you wonder what are the stories behind these pictures!

  5. These are SO funny! The original photographers must have had a sense of humour. I do like the Victorian-ladies-drawn-carriage.


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