Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Colette Steckel

Except for my Fabergé Friday posts, there have been too little sparkling stuff on this blog lately. Time to change that! The jewelry designer I'll show you today is a woman named Colette Steckel. For the past fifteen years she has been designing and creating her own jewelry, and today she is one of Mexico's most renowned jewelry designers. Her inspiration comes from Mexican pre-Hispanic images and culture, as well as from her studies of French art and graphic design. She works with gold of different colors and both precious and semiprecious stones, and says she wants to enhance the natural light of a stone and expose multiple natural hues that have rarely been brought to light before. On her website you find several different collections, and here are my favorite pics from each of them!


Triangulo, 18 karat black gold, 1.60 ct white diamonds.

Frida, 18 karat black gold, 3.80 ct black diamonds, Tahitian pearls.

Elle, 18 karat black gold, 1.90 ct champagne diamonds.


Maximiliano, 18 karat black gold, 0.90 ct white diamonds, Tahitian black pearl.

Excalibur (bracelet), 18 karat black gold, 0.80 ct white diamonds, Tahitian black pearl.

Black Camelot, 18 karat black gold, 0.65 ct white diamonds, 1.50 ct black diamonds.


Lady Emilia, 18 karat white gold, 0.48 ct white diamonds, labadorites.

Wasp, 18 karat black gold, 0.35 ct white diamonds, 2.16 brown, champagne, orange and yellow diamonds.


Gotta, 18 karat yellow gold, 0.20 ct white diamonds, aquamarines, citrines, peridots and pink quartz.

Circo Earrings, 18 karat yellow gold, 0.08 ct white diamonds, green amethysts, apetites and peridots.

Black Circo, 18 karat black gold, moonstones, SSPB.


Malvavisco (ring), 18 karat yellow gold, 0.26 ct amethyst.

Malvavisco (ring), 18 karat yellow gold, pink tourmaline.

Agar, 18 karat yellow gold, 0.14 ct white diamonds, fire opals, moss tourmalines.


Evita, 18 karat black gold, 1.5 ct pink sapphires. 


Saint Germain due (bracelet), 18 karat black and white gold, 1.00 ct whit diamonds, 1.07 ct black diamonds.


Quilla, 18 karat black gold, 0.40 ct white diamonds, 3.00 ct black diamonds.

La cage aux reves, 18 karat black gold, 3.59 ct white diamonds, moonstone, Tahitian black pearls.

Cosmique, 18 karat yellow gold, 1.38 ct white diamonds, blue topaz.

Black Rock, 18 karat white gold, 0.40 ct white diamonds, 2.00 ct black diamond. Seriously need this one!!!

Hydra, 18 karat black gold, 0.75 ct white diamonds, moonstones.

Cepheus, 18 karat black gold, 0.75 ct white diamonds, emeralds.

Leo, 18 karat black gold, 1.55 ct white diamonds. You know I love the moon, and my astrological sign is Leo! Who should these earrings belong to? I mean...Seriously?!!!

Pixis (earrings), 18 karat black gold, 2.95 ct white diamonds, ruby.

Draco, 18 karats black gold, 2.00 ct white diamonds, moonstones.


Danvou (bracelet), 18 karat yellow gold, 0.72 ct white diamonds, moonstones.

Le Secret (ring), 18 karat white gold, 0.48 ct white diamonds, blue sapphires.

Les Fleurs

Constance (bracelet), 18 karat white gold, 2.40 ct white diamonds, moonstones.

Daphne (necklace), 18 karat white gold, 2.50 ct white diamonds, moonstones.


Dominica (ring), 18 karat yellow gold, rose quartz.


  1. One might think it's sick that I'd like all of these gems in my jewelry box, on me, everywhere!! Love love. I love how some obviously look like insects, but some of the others look like secret weapons, you could like whip them off and take out the bad guy and then walk away in your stunning vintage gown and put them back on as if nothing happened...yesss!! I'd love it :)) It could happen ;))

  2. I love all of these Miss Meadows, they're all so amazing and intricate, only a real classy lady could pull them off, great photos.

  3. beautiful pieces! I love them are any of them for sale?

    1. Hello! Sorry for late answer! But yes, they're for sale! Just visit Colette Steckel's website! http://colettejewelry.com/v2/index.php :) xox


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