Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fräulein Frauke Presents

On Saturday, May 26, it's finally time for the next burlesque club Fräulein Frauke Presents! This time she presents Cuba Libre! This celebrates the three year anniversary of Fräulein Frauke's popular burlesque parties!

After WWII South America - including Cuba - became the number one vacation destination for the Americans. The women there were beautiful, the cabarets held top class, rum and cigars came in plenty - a freedom the tourists didn't find at home. Of course everything wasn't as glamorous as it looked. In 1959 came Castro's communist revolution that would change Cuba for ever...

On this Saturday night we will dream back to the good days though! Warm nights filled with tutti-frutti hats, palm trees, decadence, music, dancing and passion!

At the party a book release will take place too! The book to be released is The Prophet Murders by Mehmet Murat Somer. The story takes place in the drag queen-world of Istanbul, and is full of Turkish transexuals and murder. Because of this the first hour of the evening will be dedicated to drag shows, belly dancing, and oriental disco.

The burlesque performers at the party will be:

Luna Rosa - Exotic, Melodic and oh so Hypnotic.

Photo: Kerttu Malinen.

Bent van der Bleu - Cocky Boylesque Starlet.

Photo: John Paul Bichard

Fräulein Frauke - The Saucy Songbird herself!

Ivoncita and the Matadores de Amor.

Photo: John Paul Bichard

Yvette Les Fesses - the Dame with the Deadly Derrier. 

Photo: Fredrik Hedlund.

Madame Magduschka - Conferencier. 

Other performers will be Babara y Eusebio who will be entertaining us with cuban dancing. Hop Ciki Kaya. Finland's biggest drag queen - Lola Vanilla. 30s drag show artist Tollie, and DJ's Fashionasti, Lady Bluebird, and NevaDelay.

I know I will be there! Hope to see as many of you there too!

You can get your tickets here. Before it's too late!!!


  1. This is going to be so good, Frauke is such a little hottie haha, have fun at it Miss Meadows!

  2. *smug* I have tickets. And a new frock.

  3. Looks amazing..I hope you have a marvelous time!! xxx


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