Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabergé Friday

We've now reached Imperial Easter Egg number forty-two: the "Alexander III Equestrian Monument Egg", from 1910!

This egg is carved out of rock-quarts crystal. The top part is covered in a platinum trellis work with a tasseled fringe. 

On the sides sits two double-headed eagles, wearing diamond-set crowns. Between the eagles the surface of the egg is engraved with branching patterns, which are adjoined at the bottom.

The egg is held by four coiled platinum cherubs, that sits on a crystal base shaped like a four-petaled rosette.

On top of the egg the year "1910" is engraved underneath a large diamond, surrounded by bands of small diamonds, and platinum acanthus leaves. 

Inside the egg stands a small gold replica of a statue of Tsar Alexander III, standing on a nephrite base decorated with two bands of rose-cut diamonds, engraved with the Fabergé signature.

The original statue, on which the replica was based, was made by Prince Paolo Trubetskoi, ordered by Empress Maria Feodorovna, and unveiled 1909. It's present location is in front of the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg.

The "Alexander III Equestrian Monument Egg" is currently held at the Kremlin Armory Museum in Moscow.


  1. It's gorgeous!! The first picture made me think of Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz for some reason. But, it's quite pretty!! Happy Friday doll :) It's no surprise we both liked Bohemique (and maybe this is where I saw it first...memory fails me at times) but, we will of course be dressed in these and meet in Paris at a ball ;) Would be wonderful :))) Have a super weekend my dear!! xxxxxxx

  2. This egg is awesome, it's cool how the best Fabergé's seem to come from Russia too.

  3. This blog is a good way to inspire others, keep it that way.


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