Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things I DON'T Want Right Now

As usual, after one of my Things I Want Right Now posts, a Things I DON'T Want Right Now post follows. Get ready to be horrified!


First of all - doesn't this picture look pretty weird? Out of proportion? Then we have the outfit too. One of the pieces, put together with something else, might have worked. All of them together just looks like an unkept garden...

Marc Jacobs

This is a clear case of wallpaper-camouflage! The only thing she needs to do is finding a wall that looks exactly like her outfit and stand next to it. Gone!!!

Norma Kamali

I love black lace! This is probably the best example I have on how to not use it though!

Reed Krakoff

And here we have the poor school girl who wants to be really hip, but just gets it so wrong!

Reed Krakoff




Roberto Cavalli

Seriously - what the f is that thing hanging between her legs? Looks like a built-in camel toe...


  1. Haahahaa..that last one is so wrong in all ways!! I most definitely do NOT want any of these either...unless it is Halloween & I want to dress like everyone else and really frighten people ;) Xxx

  2. Your recurring themes are reallly amusing – this one is downright scary...!

  3. Yeah you're pretty much spot on with all of these Miss Meadows, I definitely can't see many people who would prefer to wear these over the bedazzling outfits you posted yesterday. The only outfit I really don't mind is the black lace one although you could definitely utilise black lace in a better way.

  4. The paris one is my favourite too ;) I wish they made them in fabric because I LOVE them and would wear them all the time, be too scared the dress would get torn or something. ;) Xx

  5. Oh God! They're all hopeless, but the last one...LOL!


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