Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beats Antique - Contraption Vol. 2

A few days ago I got a lovely present in my mailbox - Beats Antique's new EP Contraption Vol. 2. I decided to listen to it on the bus ride home from work one late night. I pressed "play", and all by a sudden I wasn't on the bus anymore - instead I was sitting on a flying carpet, on a journey through a magical soundscape! During the time the EP lasted I flew through arabian nights, watched a beautiful flower ceremony in India, danced around a fire with gypsies, met a handsome hero, saw the sun rise over Egypt's ancient pyramids, and went slightly insane for a while - all while multicolored laser beams flashed across the night sky...Every track has been produced to let every sound - big and small - blend together like the ingredients in a perfect magical music-spell...

Here is a little taste of what I'm talking about - Skeleton Key:

Beats Antique is made up of producers David Satori and Tommy Cappel, together with dancer Zoe Jakes. Both David and Tommy has studied music from all over the world, and blend together musical styles and instruments from different countries with blues chords and electronic beats. A third dimension is then brought to the magic by the rhythmic belly dancing of Zoe Jakes, who has studied both ballet and contemporary techniques, and has worked with both Miles Copeland's Belly Dance Superstars, and Rachel Brice's Indigo Belly Dance Company.

If I ever get the chance to see this band live I will surely take it - and here come the good news for all of you living in the States; Beats Antique will head out on a tour, called "Animale Mechanique", that will cover 35 locations in North America and end with a once-in-a-lifetime show in front of the pyramids in Egypt on the Winter Solstice! Here are the dates and locations for the tour:

Both the EP and tickets for the tour can be bought on Beats Antique's official web site. 
And of course you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Sounds wonderful, I enjoyed it very much :) Hope you have a great day doll :) xx

  2. Wow, I can certainly see why this made your bus journey interesting Miss Meadows, I'm pretty jealous that you got this album because I'm loving this song and now I kind of want it too! Wow, that drop down at like 45 seconds is insane!


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