Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things I DON'T Want Right Now

So. Here we go again. The second part of my worst finds from the Fall/Winter 2012 Ready To Wear Collections. Time to bring out the barf-bags!

J. W. Anderson

I have seen many of my friends in latex. They all look very sexy. Here, something must have gone terribly wrong though...

Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott

If my boyfriend wore something like this...No, wait. I don't even have a boyfriend. Case closed!

Julien David

I know how she feels. Some days you just feel like dressing up as a white cactus... 

Junya Watanabe

...Or in a skirt made of dried poo...

Louise Grey

Here we have a clear case of "what happened?".

Maison Martin Margiela

"Bartender, could I please have a straw to my cocktail? A long one."

Maison Martin Margiela

This outfit is great if you have a habit of getting toilet paper stuck in your skirt! No one would notice!

Marc Jacobs

Can someone please tell me how big fashion designers can create things like this?!!!

Meadham Kirchhoff

I had a comment about this one, but I felt it was superfluous...

Miguel Adrover

Here, it's all about the hat!

Neil Barrett

And here we have the perfect jacket for back-pregnancies!

Proenza Schouler

Nice proportions...

Ter et Bantine


Viktor & Rolf

It's horrible how animals suffer because we humans want to steal their fur nowadays. Especially when the fur is used in a complete wasteful way - like in!


Ok. This last one just makes me cry. Did she forget to shave her leotard?...


  1. That "white cactus," outfit is utterly vile Miss Meadows, I have no idea why anybody thought that would be a good idea to design. Great post as usual, shame about the sickening outfits haha :P

  2. All I can say is: Hahahahahahahahahaha!! What are designers thinking, they are paid too much to create such drivel. Poor models, they aren't paid enough for the humiliation of having to walk down the catwalks in those things and have it published everywhere, so everyone can wonder what went wrong!! Terrible stuff. Have a super day doll xo

  3. I love architecture and usually spend hours exploring the building before I've even ventured to the art works themselves...buildings are art pieces themselves really. Full of history and stories. I shall have to see Sweden one day :))) Am glad you are enjoying work. And I am tip top after my slip, I will have to prepare for winter as I know more slippery times are safe ;) xxx


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