Monday, September 03, 2012

Fashion Night Out

Stockholm Fashion Week ended last Wednesday with Fashion Night Out. On this evening a lot of stores around Stureplan we're open until 10 pm, a fashion show by Tiger was shown on a bigscreen, and people we're partying everywhere!

One of the stores participating in Fashion Night Out was Agent Provocateur. My friend Fanny, who happens to be Shop Manager at this heavenly place, had asked me if I wanted to help out during the evening - luring people into the store, and serving drinks. Since I was free that night I of course said yes!

After putting on the little Agent Provocateur-apron, I felt a bit like one of the maids John Willie used to draw.

Fanny's husband Michael came and DJ'd to create the right party-mood!

Usually you're not allowed to take photos in the AP stores, but this evening an exception was made. So here are some pictures from the inside!

I am so in love with this crystal-handeled whip!!! It would look great in a photo shoot, a burrlesque number, or just as a decoration on the wall!

Wish I could move in to this store permanently...But all stories has an ending, and this one ended with achy feet and tired and hungry coworkers...

...So after we had locked the door to Agent Provocateur we headed over ti T.G.I. Friday's for a late dinner. Here's Michael, Ellem, and Albin - who was one of the two photographers during the evening.


  1. I LOVE The Agent Provocateur shops :))) I would move in there too, it's gorgeous. What a wonderful party, I like late night parties/openings at stores, it gives a different atmosphere to the items you wish to buy :)) And I agree on the whip, it would be nice for decoration :)) I hope you have a super Monday doll!! <3<3<3<3<3

  2. You look incredible Miss Meadows, like some kind of vintage siren or something, I love that dress so much! The night out itself seems like a whole lot of fun as well, TGI Fridays are awesome!


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