Friday, September 28, 2012

Fabergé Friday

We have now reached number four in the line of Kelch-eggs: the "Apple Blossom Egg" or "Jade Chest Egg", from 1901!

The thin, polished surface of this egg is made from one solid piece of carved nephrite. It stands on four "branches" made of red and green gold. These branches then grow up over the egg as interlacing twigs with nots, veins, patches of moss, gold leaves and flowers with white-pink enamel petals and silver-mounted, pink foiled rose-cut diamonds. 

The design of the egg reflects the contemporary fashion of Art Nouveau and the Japanese style. This is one of the biggest eggs ever created by Fabergé, and it was designed as a jewelry case. The surprise inside is lost though.

The "Apple Blossom Egg" now belongs to Adulf Peter Goop, Vaduz, Lichtenstein.


  1. Jade's are one of my favourite gems so I really love the shade of this egg, there's something about it that's thick and powerful yet beautiful at the same time, I really love this egg, the legs look awful fragile on it though!

  2. Such a stunning egg, love jade!! I adore it. Wish this one was found in my house ;) Have a wonderful weekend darling girl and good luck for your show too :) Xxx


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