Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fräulein Frauke Presents - Under The Sea

Last Saturday it was yet again time for one of Fräulein Frauke's wonderfully decadent burlesque parties - as usual taking place at beautiful Nalen!

Before heading to the party me and a few friends met for some drinks at Le Bar Rouge in Gamla Stan (The Old Town).

This place is very decadent in itself, so it fitted us perfectly! Above you can see my drink of choice!

Fanny and Tifa looking lovely!

Me and Tifa. (Photo stolen from Tifa...)

Since the theme of Fräulein Frauke Presents this time was "Under The Sea", most of us had dressed up as something that had anything to do with water. Fanny was a deep-sea fish - you know those fish that live so deep in the oceans they actually produce their own light - and had made a hat that, well, produced it's own light! I have to say this was perfect during the evening. Every time any one of us left the company to get a drink or something, it was very easy to find our way back to our little group among all the people - we just followed the light on Fanny's head!

I went as a sea nymph, and had made a diadem of seashells and sparkly things.

I had also created a seaweed-skirt. It was very revealing, but with matching panties, garters and corset from What Katie Did it worked well! Why hide such pretty lingerie?! 

My partner in burlesque crime - Fabulous Fabio - had just come back to Stockholm from his second home - Venice - and was fittingly dressed as a gondolière, fully equipped with a blinking gondola on his shoulder!

Amazing photographer - and coproducer of Fräulein Frauke - John Paul Bichard, was as usual there to document the event with his camera, so here follows a few of his photos!

Tifa and Fräulein Frauke, drinking Cointreaupolitans! Check out Fräulein Frauke's ship-hat!

The evening's first performer - Kitty Sincane!

The Jellyfish Woman - who won one of the two best-dressed prices!

The other price went to Neptune!

Crazy conferencière and magician Christopher Wonder!

Pepper Potemkin did a number as the Lobster Woman!

Sailorette Cleo Viper...

...who also did an amazing butterfly act!

Fräulein Frauke performed as a beautiful mermaid. I hav no idea how I will ever be able to eat sushi again after this night?!...

Contortionist Manda Rydman left us all breathless!

The Pirate Queen Virginia Valentine and her - not yet born - costar!

A better picture of Fanny and her amazing hat...

...and Fanny and her amazing husband - photographer Michael Vincent McCarthy Kellerman! Love his jacket!

Me and my evil twin!

DJ Damón Zurawski from The Catastrophe Orchestra played lots of danceable tunes until the horrible lights went on, and we had to leave...for the after party!!! After an extraordinary evening i dived into bed around 5 am. The day after I noticed that wearing a tight corset that prevents you from drinking is really good, since it also keeps you from being hungover the day after!

If you want to see all Mr. Bichard's photos from the evening you can find them here!

Fräulein Frauke Presents also - of course - has a Facebook page! So if you want updates on coming events I suggest you follow it here! Next time she opens the doors at Nalen will be November 24, and the theme will be "Victorian Circus". What am I going to wear?!!! 


  1. These are beautiful, loved the theme as well :) Your costume turned out spectacular doll :)) Love Cleo Viper, she's marvellous, the butterfly costume is stunning, I would wear that any day, haha ;)) Am pleased you all have a fantastic time & the next theme sounds just as good too :)) Have a lovely day doll <3 <3

  2. This show all seems so awesome Miss Meadows and you all look Fantastic! I'm so glad to know that you had an awesome night and got a few drinks in, Absinthe is great, have to love it. I'd love to visit a show like this some day, those things have always had an appeal to me, I just wish I'd have some friends who'd be keen on going.

  3. You looked lovely and Fanny's hat was awesome! I was so miffed that I couldn't go, but I'm going to make up for it next time!


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