Monday, February 04, 2013

Christian Martin Weiss

Just found a really good photographer I hadn't heard about before - Christian Martin Weiss! He is also an illustrator and a graphic designer, and here is some of his work:

All photos are from


  1. Fantastic's eerie, yet beautiful at the same time. I like it how I go to turn from it, yet have to look at it because I'm too curious!! The girls with the dancing poses are my favourites, they look so stunning!! Fabulous find :) I hope you had a great weekend doll!! Have a great day xx

  2. Indeed doll, we must feature Mrs. Murphy! Sometimes it's easier to adopt a persona to help you get through hard times & rise out of them, eventually you actually become that person without even knowing it. I've done the same with 'Doll' really after my dark days :) I shall feature her or if you would like to, you can write a post about her & I'll post it on my blog as a guest feature post ;) It's all up to you doll!! Hugs and Kisses <3

  3. Wow, där kan man tala om kreativ fotograf!

  4. I just happen to be listening to a really mystical song while browsing through these photos Miss Meadows and it's really enhanced the experience for me, I love all the work here, great jobs, some of them are just hauntingly beautiful.


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