Thursday, February 28, 2013

Milfred The Mink

Meet Milfred the Mink!

He's a mink stole I bought at Kellerman Vintage just before that shop closed. And yes, I'm ok with real fur as long as it's old...Here you can see Milfred sleeping very cosily on my lap. But don't be fooled - in reality Milfred is a party beast! 

Photo: Fanny Kellerman

The evening I performed at Bonden Bar I decided to bring him with me, and this is how that went:

He started with the alcohol. Got wasted really fast...

...and tried to sneak down into my cleavage!

When I pulled "the f**king ferret" (as I call him when I'm pissed at him, because he gets really offended by it. He's a mink, not a ferret) out of there he tried going up Fanny's skirt instead.

Then he continued by looking for drugs in her purse. But as he didn't find any...

...he went out for a smoke instead!

I have to give it to him though - he ruled the dance floor! Here he's shakin' it with Fanny!

Fräulein Frauke also brought one of her fur stoles to the party, and of course Milfred had to flirt with her! They ended up making out in a corner until the placed closed, and I had to drag him home. But I guess we all know how the evening ended for little Milfred...

...He spent over ten minutes throwing up, and my sister was kind enough to help him.

Then he fell asleep in one of my pointe shoes...The next morning I was glad to see he hadn't puked in that one too...If he continues like this I might have to take him to rehab. At least I should probably put a leash on him...


  1. Oh my, such a crazy little mink. One could think his name is Minksey Lohan looking at all those party pictures ;).

  2. I love how wild your Mink got at this party Miss Meadows, smoking, drinking and then chucking up at the end of the night, that's a wild mink, Charlie Sheen has a lot to learn from this little rascal.

  3. Hahaha...I love it!! Crazy mink....knows how to live the good life ;) xxx

  4. Ciao Milfred, you're rather adorable and just as chic and fashionable as the day is long! This post was a total smile-inducer - very fun and creative, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica


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