Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things I DON'T Want Right Now

After yesterday's pretty dresses - here comes the second part of my Things I DON'T Want Right Now posts, from the Spring 2013 Ready-To-Wear collections! Enjoy!...Or not...


Let's start with one for the boys! I just LOVE those big cut-outs on the front of the legs! Hehe...

Emilia Wickstead

These pants could have been a good idea. But then something went utterly wrong with the hip/waist part. There's even a bit of a camel-toe warning here...

Imitation of Christ

I really don't know what to say about this one...Speechless...

Jeremy Laing



And here we have another attack of diarrhea! Why does so many designers go for this color?!!! And in a whole outfit?!!!



Peter Jensen

"Hello. I'm not like other people. Could you guess?...!


No comment...

Richard Nicoll

Feels like maybe the skirt got stuck in something just when she entered the runway, and broke...

Stephen Burrows

Another case of extremely bad waistline!

Stephen Burrows

This is something I would imagine to find in a random store with very cheap clothes - not on Fashion Week...

Stella McCartney

What woman would like to wear anything that makes it look like she has very short legs, and a very long upper body? 


Ok. The only time I wear something like this, is when I'm living out my Dexter-fantsies in the "lab". Afterwards I always take it off though, and burn it, together with the remaining parts of the person I just lived out those fantasies on!


This looks like something a small child would wear to bed...

Theysken's Theory

Who has made use of their barf bags yet? I just did...

Todd Lynn

When the banana peel starts getting a bit brown, the banana usually tastes really sweet! 


Feel very disappointed in fashion right now...


  1. Some of these are absolutely hideous and range from slightly flawed to utterly vile, made me laugh though regardless Miss Meadows, great post as per usual.

  2. Hahahahahahaha...no comment on any of these atrocities....just...hahahahaha!! ;D xx


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