Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anne W Brigman

Anne W Brigman (1869-1950) began photographing in 1901. She was active in the bohemian community of the San Francisco Bay area, and it didn't take long before she began exhibiting her work in local photographic salons. She became a big influencer on many of her contemporaries, and also ventured into acting and writing poetry.

Self Portrait, 1908. Source

Her photography often depicts female nudes set in landscapes or trees. They often have very staged, dramatic looks, and she frequently used herself as model. After shooting she touched up the negatives with paints, pencils, or superimposition. I find her photos dreamlike, pagan, and femininely liberating.

Soul of a Blasted Pine, Self Portrait, 1908. Source

The Source, 1909. Source

The Bubble, 1907. Source

Heart of the Storm, 1902. Source

The Dying Cedar. Source

The Spider's Web, 1908. Source

The Breeze, 1910. Source

Incantation, 1905. Source


  1. Love these...that Soul of a blasted pine, I adore. I love how you can feel all the emotions in these photos...amazing!! I can imagine them in colour, but I love the mood that the b&w gives to them that colour might take away. She's amazing!! Perfect...have a wonderful day my darling girl <3 <3 <3

  2. It's crazy that this was all done so long ago, now over a century ago in fact, and yet the work is still striking, dark and thought provoking, as much as it was then. That kind of thing takes a lot of talent and Anne should be commended on that, this is an amazing find Miss Meadows.

  3. Wow! These are really quite beautiful. I love nudity in photography. I am in no way saying I like porn. But I feel nudity in art is a bearing of the soul. There's this delicate vulnerability that shines through. I really liked many of these and can't wait to see more of this artist's works. Thank you dear!


  4. Wow, just wow. They are so incredibly beautiful. I just love them all.


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