Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Outfit Post

When I was in Paris I walked into a lovely little shop, and was greeted by a dog. The shop was shared by four or five different designers, who sold their creations - everything from hats and jewelry, to clothes - in different parts of the shop. The reason I went in was because I had spotted a top in the window I needed to take a closer look at. It's designer's name is Meral Akrour, and yes, it ended up coming home with me...

The top is made in a lovely, flowy fabric, and the color is orangey red.

It ties at the back of the neck, and what you can't see in the picture, is that it has an opening going from the neck and then really far down on the back! Here I'm wearing it with a skirt from Daisy Dapper, and seamed stockings from What Katie Did. This evening I was off to perform at Wotever at Bonden Bar, so wearing a top underneath which I didn't need a bra was perfect. Bras leave ugly marks on your skin you know, which you don't want when taking off your clothes in a burlesque show. Many things to think about...

I had a lovely evening with the crazy Wotever-people, and performed my "Diamonds are Forever" act. The audience made lots of noise, so I guess they appreciated it. The only annoying thing was that two days before the show I had slipped on my tulle skirt, taken a very gracious dive to the floor, and twisted my whole bad leg. So now my evil Pain Demon has been back for the last, almost two weeks. I had decided that I was going to perform anyway, but since then I've spent the rest of the days just sitting as still as I can. Really scary to feel this horrible pain again, but I'm hoping for the best - that it goes away fast this time!!! 

Found some more pictures of that top on Meral Akrour's Facebook page by the way. Now I want that white, transparent one with dots to!!!


  1. I love the skirt Miss Meadows, the look is great, absolutely love it, you look amazing but to be honest with you I'm really not surprised at all haha, you always rock whatever it is that you wear, though today you rock it particularly so.

  2. You look marvellous doll, love the top and colour too. Sorry to hear about your slip, I hope it heals in speed time and does no lasting damage. Hopefully one day I will see you perform live, I shall be the one tossing lots of glitter your way :))) Have a darling day xxx

  3. Så fin overdel! You look stunning! :D


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