Friday, June 28, 2013

Fabergé Friday

Feels like it's time for an egg again! As Fabergé made lots of egg pendants there is a big chance of actually getting to be the owner of one of those - if you have the money of course... Today's egg pendant is made in the Russian Revival Style, that became popular in 1870, when Victor Butovsky published a book named Histoire de l'Ornement Russe du Xe au XVIe Siècle d'apres les Manuscrits, which reproduced hundreds of Russian medieval ornaments.

This tiny egg 3/4 inches (2 centimeters) high, is made of gold, and decorated with rose-cut diamonds, and guilloché and champlevé enamels in translucent blue, orange and green, and opaque white and black.  

Champlevé is an enameling method in which decorations are carved into the surface of a metal object and filled with enamel (glass powder). After the enamel has been melted by fire and then cooled, the surface is polished. Since the colored stripes on this egg pendant is only 1/25 inches (1 millimeter) wide, you can understand how accomplished the egg's creator - head workmaster Erik Kollin - was.

The pendant was made around 1885, and now it's for sale again! So if you want it, take out 35,000 USD from your mattress, and follow this link to Romanov Russia!


  1. It's very lovely. I feel like I should be upon a horse wearing it, a white one in some medieval like clothes galloping away in the wind. I love the colour. Happy Friday my dear. I hope you have a great weekend and lots of fun. As you will see on my blog, I have made a new topic - lingerie ;D I thought if you wanted to guestpost some time and talk about lingerie (What Katie Did) or anything like that, you are always welcome :))) <3 <3 <3

  2. Love that we have an egg in today's post today Miss Meadows, I loved the original eggs and it's awesome to see something similar, all Faberge items are amazing though!


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