Monday, June 03, 2013

Fräulein Frauke Presents - Fairytale Creatures

I came home from Paris Friday evening. Unpacked, and then packed another bag to go stay my sister's place for Saturday's Fräulein Frauke's burlesque party at Nalen.

The theme this time was "Fairytale creatures" so I decided to go as an elf, wearing a dress I sewed years ago. It's gold colored with double-layered, shimmering sleeves, and pearl decorations. 

Conférencière was Mr Go-Go Harder, here seen with the evenings first unicorn-performer Kwipi Lovebite.

After a lovely group act that included none other than...

...Miss Piggy!!!, the stripping began with amazing artists like:

The Crystal Wizard - who handled his balls better than anyone I've ever seen!

And a very romantic duet sung by Curly Lou and Herr H. 

Even the conférencière Go-Go Harder took his clothes off!

The two champagne bottles that were given to the evening's best dressed guests went to a demon who had had unicorn for dinner, and Hindu goddess of Death, Kali. But of course there were many more gorgeous people at the party. Like for example:


And adorable Gabriella!

Since I had to get up at about 4 am the morning after, I had promised myself to not stay too late at the party. But with this sort of entertainment, that didn't go so very well... Managed to sleep about two hours before my clock rang and I had to get ready for a ten-hour day, working as an extra for a TV series. But more about that tomorrow!

All photos by John Paul Bichard.


  1. I love these parties, never seen anything like them. So fun, I want to go :))) Everyone's costumes were so great and well done. AM glad you got to go and have a great time, just a shame you had to get up so early. I look forward to hearing more about it as well ;) Have a gorgeous day doll Xxxx

  2. This looks so much fun and like Doll I would love to go to this kind of thing, the costumes are just amazing!


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