Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Fröken Frimans Krig

Almost every year at Christmas Swedish television shows a costume drama in a few episodes, usually filmed in Sweden during the last year. The shooting of this years series started a few weeks ago. It's called "Fröken Frimans Krig" ("Miss Friman's War"), takes place in the year 1905, and is about the class differences and political causes women fought for in the beginning of the 20th century. But the biggest part of the story tells the tale of the food store "Svenska Hem" ("Swedish Homes") - owned by only women - that opened in Stockholm in 1905 as a protest against bad working conditions and food scams that went on during those days. Rotten meat was, for example, dyed to look fresh again and then sold to unknowing customers, spreading diseases like TBC.

I have done work as an extra only once in my whole life before, but when I heard they needed people for this series, I applied - and they wanted me! As you can imagine, for a vintage nerd like me, stepping into wardrobe to get fitted for my costume was like taking a peak into early 1900s clothing-heaven! A big room filled with both vintage and newly made clothes from this era, for both men and women. And then there were hats, parasols, jewelry, shoes, and all kinds of imaginable accessories people used in those days! I was dressed to be an upper class lady. And this is how I looked:

I did my own, very simple makeup, but it was lovely to sit down and have my hair done by someone else for a change. Wish I had taken a picture of it before the hat went on though.

And these were my shoes!!! The well worn, very soft leather made them really comfortable. But lacing them up took a while...

The first of the two times I've been on set we were at a really old restaurant called "Den Gyldene Freden" in the Old Town. Here are some other extras waiting to be called up on set.

The second time the scenery was a tea and coffee shop that had been rented and changed into a 1905-looking food store. 

Everything looked really genuine inside the store, and I love when so much attention is put into every little detail when making a costume drama!

Here are a some of the other extras from that day. It was pretty funny to get us all - with hats, long skirts, canes and parasols into two cabs to go from wardrobe to location. Haha!

Loved this lilac outfit, and that hat!!!

And here is Hanna, who "worked" in the food store, and attended to my needs as her customer in one of the scenes. As I was an over class lady, and Hanna just a simple shop assistant, I refused to talk to her for the rest of the day!... Ok, the biggest reason for not talking so much was that we fell asleep beside each other during the times we weren't needed in front of the camera. Getting up at 4 am after sleeping about two hours makes you a bit tired for some reason...

And here is a picture of me inside the shop, examining a can of peas! This drama will be in three parts. But if the audience likes it, three more episodes will be filmed later. So if they need me more in the future, I wouldn't say no to jumping into these clothes again!


  1. These outfits are incredible Miss Meadows! They just look so sophisticated and Victorian, you really look the part, some day you're going to be a lead actress Miss Meadows! I have faith!

  2. That's so awesome doll!! Am mega pleased for you. You look amazing too, I love that outfit, I want to wear it too :)) No doubt you will get more and more parts and appearances :))) Am so pleased for you :))) Xxxxxxxxx

  3. Men hjälp vad tjusigt! Ser fram emot att se serien sen:)

  4. Åhhhh! Så fort jag fick höra att de skulle filma en till säsong tänkte jag "Åh vad jag skulle vilja vara statist!" Har aldrig varit i närheten av att göra något sådant förut. Hur fick du reda på serien? Hur ansöker man? Har tittat på stagepool och googlat en hel del men de verkar inte ha något ute. Skulle vara så kul att hoppa in i min favoritperiod för en tid.

    1. Ja, som vintage-nörd måste jag ju medge att det var helt underbart att komma in i kostymförådet och få prova ut mina kläder för den här statistrollen! *Dregel*... ;) Redan när vi spelade in första säsongen, höll dom på att skriva manus för fler avsnitt. Antar att de visste att det skulle falla publiken i smaken. Haha! Jag fick ett mail från en vintagebutik som kände till mej om att de sökte statister till serien - som jag alltså svarade på och blev antagen. Men jag har flera gånger sett på Modell.se (ungefär samma sak som Statist.se) att de sökt statister till just Fröken Friman. Så är du medlem på nån av de sajterna é det bara att hålla ögonen öppna och se till att h en passande profil :) För att vara medlem på dessa sidor, och faktiskt se de jobb de lägger ut, måste man dock betala en liten summa varje månad. Men det är det enda tipset jag har... Vet ju inte när de faktiskt kommer att börja filma den nya säsongen, men vill de ha tillbaka mej som statist hoppas jag vi ses år 1906! :) xox


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