Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Shipwreck And A Photographer

Ever since photographer Benjamin Von Wong did his first shoot underwater, he dreamed of taking the water-shoots out of the swimming pool, and into the real ocean - where real shipwrecks can be found... When he went on a vacation in Bali, he decided to make this dream come true. After finding two models who were also trained free-divers, seven support divers, obtaining special permission to use a fifty-year-old underwater shipwreck, and also finding a designer - Ali Charisma - who let them use some of his older runway dresses, which were going to get ruined by the salty water, Von Wong and his team dived down 25 meters under the surface. And this is the magical, ethereal result...


  1. Holy crap, this is amazing! By far the best underwater photography I have ever seen. Not only do I have very much respect for the artist, but also and even more for the models. Stunning.

  2. amazing!! Goodness, this would be fantastic to do. I love the idea of finding shipwrecks, it makes it even more amazing!! Superb picstures. Xxxx

  3. the result is truly magial! kudos to him and to models:)


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