Monday, July 07, 2014

Vintage Showgirl Costumes

As a burlesque dancer and vintage lover, I couldn't help drooling when my eyes landed on a post over on For The Love Of Lingerie a few days ago. The post showcased twenty amazing showgirl costumes from back in the day. Felt I had to share these pictures with you too. So if you haven't already seen them, here they are!

Paula Sands and Josephine Baker.

Rose La Rose and Sally Rand.

Mitzi Gaynor and Gina Lollobrigida.

Gypsy Rose Lee and a 1920s pic from Les Follies.

Debra Paget and Lily St. Cyr.

Zorita and her - much copied - half man/half woman costume.

Natalie Wood and her corset, which is now owned by Dita von Teese.

Sequined leotard designed by Travilla and worn by Sheree North, and French silk corselet from around 1867.

Marilyn Monroe in Bus Stop to the left, and as Lorelei Lee to the right.

Barbara Yung and 40s pin-up girl.

Bra and panties worn by Kiva, and a photo by Gordon Parks.

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  1. These are incredibly stunning, would wear any of these costumes :))) Marvellous. Happy Monday doll <333


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