Monday, July 14, 2014

At Tyresö Palace - Part 2

So, here comes the second part of the photo shoot I did with photographer Charlotte Hall at Tyresö Palace. After the first part, which you can read about here, we took a coffee break at the palace. Just then the sun disappeared and with the thunder came the rain... But just as I predicted, the rain stopped when we had finished our coffee. So then I changed into my new, red, playsuit from Emmy Design, took my shoes off, and skipped out into a stream. Sitting on a mossy rock under the green trees, listening to the mix of the murmur from the water and the thunder was wonderful! And here are the pictures Charlotte - also standing in the water - caught of me.

The playsuit doubles as a bathing suit, so if the water had been a bit deeper I would have gone for a swim. Oh well. Maybe some other day...

Photo: Charlotte Hall


  1. Just perfect, I love this a lot. The suit and place is perfect!! Happy Monday darling girl <333

  2. Lovely pictures!

    /Emmy, the bathing suit designer


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