Monday, July 21, 2014


If you like vintage clothes - and vintage lingerie - you probably know about the retro lingerie company What Katie Did. I've already blogged about some of their fabulous stuff before, but as I love them, here we go again! One of their styles is called Marlene, and this is the set I lust mostly for right now...

Marlene comes in red and peach, or...

...Black and peach, with a bullet bra, panties, and garter belt. I don't own a bullet bra yet, so maybe it's time to get one, to wear under 50s sweaters. They're great for poking peoples eyes out if they stare too much! Haha!

If you want to shape your waist a little, there are also color-matched, art deco inspired Marlene girdles. They are high waisted, with medium control and hooks in the side. As it's soon my birthday, I think it's only right that someone gets these for me! Right?...

For more of What Katie Did, visit their website here, or just click on the banner below. I will not be held responsible for anyone spending too much money on their stuff though! Hehe...

vintage lingerie, stockings and girdles by What Katie Did


  1. Wow! Amazing brand...Those bullet bras look deadly. Lol! I always wondered what the appeal of that look was in the 50s. Any information is greatly appreciated. Oh and Yes. You SHOULD get a set for your bday. :) hugs!

    1. I like to educate my readers! This bra was especially used during WWII as a secret weapon for shooting down enemy aircrafts! ;) xox

  2. I'll have one of each too...sooooo gorgeous :))))) Xxxx


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