Monday, July 28, 2014

Ulyana Sergeenko Fall 2014 Couture

One of my favorite designers is Ulyana Sergeenko. I could fill my whole wardrobe with her clothes, and I feel it doesn't matter for what year or what season she creates her clothes, they are all timeless pieces that I would still wear fifty years from now. So even though most people don't want to think about fall in the middle of the lovely summer, I will still show you my favorites from her Fall 2014 Couture Collection today - because you don't have to wait for fall to wear all these lovely things!

To see the whole collection visit!


  1. Well, you already know she is one of my favourite designers too..I would fill my house with her creations if I could, haha. It would be marvellous, we could share!! When we win the lottery, we'll fill our dressing rooms with her stuff and wear them all the time, even to the supermarket!! Haha! It would be perfect!! daydreaming now, ha!! It could happen. Happy Monday doll <33


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