Monday, June 22, 2015

Midsummer's Eve Dress

About a year or so I walked in a fashion show, wearing one of O.L.D - Obviously Linda Design's vintage dresses from the 50s. I fell in love with the dress, but Linda didn't want to sell it. But guess what! She changed her mind, and now the dress is mine! MINE!!! Mohahaaaaa!!! When it got time to celebrate Midsummer's Eve I felt it was a good time to premiere it!

It's made of a transparent orangy-red fabric, with a white pattern. It has a deep-cut back, and the tag on the inside says it comes from The Linzi Line. It also has a matching wrap and it's original, matching belt! Many times that matching belt vintage dresses so often had from the beginning has disappeared, so I'm always glad to find dresses that still has it intact!

The bodice goes down a bit over the hips, from which the gathered skirt falls. There's also a little bow at the center of the neckline, and the dress is fully lined, with an attached half slip.

As I have a thing for bats, I also wore my bat-bracelet from alkemie, and my bat-ring from I can't remember... Haha! The Midsummer's Eve party took place at a good friend's of mine, where we ate, drank, ate some more, and drank some more, while discussing perverse and nerdy things - which in my opinion are the two most important components in a good conversation - until the wee hours of the next day.

This also happened. I seriously have no idea where that thing came from! Hehe...

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  1. Such a stunning dress, am glad she changed her mind as it looks perfect on you :)) xxx


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