Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Dress, Dinosaurs And Dead Animals...

It's starting to feel like summer in Sweden! Yay! So finally it's possible to wear summer dresses again! At the last Burleskloppis (Burlesque Flea Market) I bought a lovely vintage 50s dress from Miss Rita Regrets. Here it is!

It's made in light-weight cotton decorated with yellow roses and champagne-colored ribbons. The fabric is very gathered over the bust-area, which is a great thing if you wish to make your boobs look bigger. Haha!


So, what do you do on a hot, sunny summer day? You go sit down in a dark movie theater of course! Hehe... Me and a friend went to see Jurassic World, and I really liked it! Even though the story is pretty much the same as in the other Jurassic movies - park with dinosaurs, big scary dino escapes, lots of blood, end fight - I still like these movies.

After that we went to the 1-year anniversary party of Kalabalika Taxidermi at Porky Royale Tattoo. Amelie, who is the owner of Kalabalika has SO many extraordinary things for sale! Like these old prosthetic legs for example. But of course also a lot of taxidermy, skulls, skeletons, and jewelry she has made of bugs and other animal parts.

Right now she also has this beautiful white peacock for sale. WANT!!! The price for it is 20.000 SEK though, so I think maybe not - but maybe one day...


  1. What a stunning dress, it's wonderful and I love the flowers on it and the way it moves. I would adore to have this white peacock, oh my, so perfect :)))))) <3 <3

  2. With your blog title I didn't know what I was in for! LOL! I love the unexpected! That dress is so gorgeous and a really fabulous find! The print and style is amazing and looks fantastic on you! I have yet to see Jurassic World but I always like those kinds of movies too!
    That white peacock is so amazing.


    1. Haha! Well, some days end up a mix of very different things! You should have seen me on the way to the movies though... The friend I went to see it with picked me up on his motorcycle. So wearing that feminine dress on my body, and a really mean looking, face-covering helmet on my head made a lot of passers by laugh at me. Haha! Love when he drives me around on his bike though... :) xox


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