Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Van Asch

Van Asch is a family run business founded by Rachel Van Asch, now located in Stockholm, Sweden. Here you find handmade decorations for both your home and yourself, inspired by the Orient, Parisian Fin de Siècle, Victorian, Edwardian, burlesque and Baroque, with hints of Medieval and fantasy. It's a very opulent and decadent alternative to the simple functionality we're used to here in Scandinavia. Here are a few of the items you find in their web shop. To see it all, visit Van Asch's site here!

Burlesque Jet Print Printed Cushion Cover

Golden Skull Row Printed Cushion Cover

Vintage Postcards Printed Cushion Cover

Ouija Long Cocktail Tray

2 Halves Makes a Whole iPad Tablet Bag

Elevate & Illuminate Toiletry Bag

Pearls & Lace 100% Cotton Scarf Wrap

Flower Skull Mystery Purse


  1. I LOVE these, I could do with some around my home :))) Perfect :)) xx

  2. I love to hear about family run businesses! That vintage postcard printed cushion cover is really lovely! Very unique pieces!



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