Monday, June 08, 2015

Corsets And Whisky

Last week I went to the re-opening party of the studio of corset maker Viola Lahger and seamstress O.L.D - Obviously Linda Design, who has moved in together in the same shop. Mrs Murphy also joined us to hold her popular lecture Mrs Murphy to the Rescue.

Here we are! From the left: me, Linda of O.L.D, Mrs Murphy, Karin of Viola Lahger, and Agent Star. As both me and Agent Star work for Mrs M as two of her five Special Agents of Fabulousness, we both wore our work uniforms - red Monica dresses from Pinup Girl Clothing. Over the dresses we're wearing corsets by Viola Lahger, who is Sweden's only high class corset maker. She has studied corsets through times thoroughly, and since I have tried on quite a few corsets over the years, I can tell you these are extremely well made, and very comfortable! If you want a personally made corset that will fit your body perfectly, this is the place to go!

Here's another one of Karin's beautiful corsets!

Linda of O.L.D designs and sews clothes after each customers preferences. She has worked for quite a few celebrities, but anyone can hire her to get that one of a kind piece of clothing you've always wanted. Above you see one of her vintage-inspired bikinis. Linda is also known as the "Vintage Doctor", which means she also mends and re-sew vintage clothes that might be broken or too big for you, which often is the case with old clothes...

Here is me and Mrs Murphy in the middle of the very feminine shop! I love just walking into this place. Makes me feel like home. Haha!

The event was sponsored by Jura Whisky and Tomtebageriet, so the guests were offered coffee with a bit of whiskey in it and a choice of seven different, old fashioned little cookies.

It was a very cozy evening, and I ended up buying a pair of tiki skull-earrings from O.L.D!

If you're interested in having a corset made by Viola Lahger, you can contact her here! And the contact information for Linda at O.L.D you find here!

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  1. This looks just marvellous, love all the pieces in the shop too :)) And your earrings are perfect ;-) Happy Monday my dear, I hope your new week will be bliss XXX


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