Wednesday, August 03, 2011

At Kellerman's we come together...

Since I love vintage and wouldn't mind working in a vintage shop, but to get a job in a vintage shop you need experience working in a vintage shop, my lovely friend Fanny - who happens to own Kellerman Vintage - offered me to get this needed experience in her shop. It's sort of an internship when I choose myself when I want to come in for a day now and then to keep her company, watch her in action, and help out when I'm needed. She already did have some company though, because a few weeks ago James and his vintage shop for men - "Fjaerilen" ("The Butterfly") moved in downstairs!

I loved this shop even before I became friends with Fanny. The clothes are really good, and if you're looking for designer vintage this is a place you don't want to miss! Another thing that I really like with Kellerman Vintage is that the clothes hang on the racks according to size! So you don't have to spend forever going through everything, and then when you think you've found something it's too big or too small. There are lots of accessories too - hats, gloves, shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses etc.

Fanny in action! The way she holds that pen and stare pensively into the air really makes her look like the smart business woman she is!

I tried on a few things in the shop. Cool 50s sunglasses, vintage hat from Dior, and vintage Versace shoes. None of it - except the sunglasses - really fit me though. I'm a small girl...


  1. Congrats on that "experience gaining opportunity"! The shop looks great!

  2. Thanx! Lot's of good stuff in that shop! The only problem with knowing the owner is that I stay and talk to her for a long time every time I go in there - and then I end up buying something...Going there tomorrow too. We'll see if I manage to NOT buy anything then... ;)


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