Monday, August 15, 2011

Go west, life is peaceful there...Or is it?

Last year I celebrated my birthday - August 16th - on a plane to Los Angeles. This year I will celebrate my birthday on a plane to New York. If these birthday celebrations becomes tradition, I will probably be broke before I turn 36...

Packing is a bit difficult - as always. What should I wear? What shoes should I bring? Does it get chilly in the evenings? Etc, etc, etc...Will try to get Saga out of there before I close it though.

This is my first time in The Big Apple. I love apple pie though, so I imagine I'll love this city too! I heard the economy in the USA isn't the best right now, so I'm bringing my sister, Christine, and a friend named Sara with me. We will do all we can to help get this country back on track! Shopping is good for the economy you know. I just fear it might go a little bit out of hand...

And then there are a few other things to consider...

Will we get lost in this big city?

Is this how the restaurants work? Should I, in that case, bring a parachute?

Should I refrain from wearing anything red?

Who is this dove?

All this, my dear readers, means that I will be gone from this blog for a little while. But I'll be back!


  1. New York är enkelt som en plätt att hitta i. Och fixade jag att överleva där när jag var 19 så gör du det nu. Vishet kommer med ålder!

  2. Tack! Nu känner jag mej trygg! :)


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