Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Philip Jackson

A while ago I discovered these amazing sculptures that just took my breath away! It turned out they were made by a man named Philip Jackson, and here I will show you my favorites. He does small scale work too, but it was his big, monumental works that caught my eye. They all look so mysterious, almost intimidating, behind their masks or hoods. I wouldn't want to meet one of them in a garden in the middle of the night - if I didn't already knew it was there - in that case I wouldn't mind having a few of them in my own backyard...

Reading Chaucer. Height 180 cm/71''

Guided Missal. Height 185 cm/73''

Dangerous Liaison. Height 176 cm/79''

Moonstruck. Height 198 cm/78''

The Sentinels. Height 364 cm/143''

The Magistrate. Height 185 cm/87''

Pas de Basque. Height 109 cm/75''

The Dogerina's Progress. Hight 213 cm/84''

Cloister Conspiracy. Height 185 cm/73''
Chanting Cimarosa. Height 185 cm/73''

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