Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christian Louboutin Fall 2011

Even though winter is just around the corner, it still really feels like fall - at least here in Sweden. So today I'll show you Christian Louboutin's lookbook for fall 2011. I saw this quite a long time ago, but remembered I hadn't shared it with all of you yet. Christian Louboutin and photographer Peter Lippman has worked together to create seven pictures, inspired by classic portrait painting. Since I love both shoes and art, the following pictures could very well hang on the walls of my home!

The first picture is a reconstruction of Francisco de Zurabarán's "Saint Dorothy", painted sometime between 1640-1650.

The second picture comes from a the very famous painting "Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother" - more known under the name "Whistler's Mother" - by James McNeill Whistler, painted in 1871. I love the fact that they actually use an old woman in this picture, and not a young model - just because models "have" to be young...

The third one comes from George de La Tours "Magdalen with the Smoking Flame", from around 1640.

Then we have Francois Clouet's "Elisabeth of Austria", from around 1571.

Then follows "Portrait of a Negress" (yes, this is the official English title), by Marie-Guillemine Benoist, from 1800. This painting was created six years after the abolition of slavery, and became a symbol for the emancipation of women and black people. In those days the word "negress" hadn't become a "bad" word yet...

And here we have "Portrait of Matilde de Canisy, Marquise d'Antin", by Jean-Marc Nattier, exhibited at the Salon of 1738.

Lastly comes Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot's "Portrait of a Girl", from the 1800s.


  1. Wow Miss Meadows these are absolutely stunning. Some of those are genuinely amazing pieces of art, great post.

  2. Can't think of a more fitting adjective than simply 'wow'! Photography is such great art.

  3. Love these pictures. Nice shoes too...
    I hope you'll notice my first giveaway is coming up soooooon. It is vintage AND beauty related, more hints on my blog


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