Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kate MaccGwire

A while ago I saw a few pictures of some sculptures/installations made by the artist Kate MaccGwire. I had never heard of her till then, but what I saw was really cool - so now you'll get to see it too! How nice of me - ain't it?!...

The cool thing about Kate MacGwire is that she uses feathers to create her art. Thousands of feathers combined to create soft sculptures and flowing installations! This is how her work is described on her web site:

"Kate MccGwire's practice probes the beauty inherent in duality, exploring the play of opposites - at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level - that characterises the way we conceive the world. She does this by appealing to our essential duality as human beings, to our senses and our reason, and by drawing on materials capable of embodying a dichotomous way of seeing, feeling and thinking. The finished work has a consistent 'otherness' to it that places it beyond our experience of the world, poised on a threshold 
between the parameters that define everyday reality."

Vex, 2008

To me, this looks like a caged animal, just waiting to be released...

Heave, 2008

Evacuate, 2010

If I was cooking, and this would start to flow out of the stove, I would definitely evacuate!...And then take pictures of it from a safe distance...

Evacuate, 2010

Corvid, 2011

Slick, 2010




  1. the slick one of 2010..beautiful colours!! xx

  2. My dichotomy: Beautiful and sinister.

  3. Wow, this is amazingly deep and hard to comprehend exactly what she's going for but I absolutely love it. There's such beauty in these photos.

  4. Shame I had never heard of her, because her work looks very cool and impressive!


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